Couples & Family Counseling

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Do you wish to rediscover your passion?
Do you need help to better your communication?
Are you looking for clarity in regards to where your relationship is headed?
Or are you seeking for advice regarding your children?

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We all wish for harmonious, loving and inspiring relationships with partners, friends and family.

When harmony is lost, the roles we play feel awkward, frustrations develop and our sense of well-being fails. Unconsciously, we may begin to play roles which keep us fixed in conflict. The disharmony in our relationships may be so dominant that we need professional help to see our problems in a constructive manner, and to discover possible solutions for them.

The re-establishing loving contact and positive communication are often the key issues in couples therapy.

My work method

I combine several methods and adapt them to fit the specific couple. The two methods I use most frequently are Imago Relationship Therapy and Emotionally Focused Therapy (EFT). You will notice a high focus on communication that promotes a positive connection. You will receive concrete tools to help improve your communication.

I am solution oriented, and I emphasize an ongoing open flow of communication regarding each consultation and your goals. Couples therapy is a combination of therapy and counseling. Whether a consultation leans towards one of the other depends on the given situation and our agreement.

Couples therapy can be a single consultation or a course of consultations.


My opinions on relationships

  • A relationship can be the best place for personal development
  • It’s important to gain insight into your own and your partner’s behavioral patterns – new insights can help solve even the most seemingly unsolvable of conflicts
  • Unacknowledged problems grow
  • If a crisis is handled correctly it can give the relationship a boost
  • Divorce is difficult – but not as difficult as staying in a bad relationship
  • Good decision-making is hard to do when you’re under a lot of stress. Therefore it is important to seek advice elsewhere.

Besides my 15 years of experience as a therapist and couples therapist, I also draw on my own personal life experience – a long marriage with children, a subsequent divorce, and relationships without common children.

Feel free to call me for more information or schedule an appointment here.

It is possible to arrange a 15 minutes free consultation that can take place either by phone or in person in Købmagergade 55 in Copenhagen or in Klampenborg.