Meditation Courses


Are you looking for a simple technique for stress relief
and to experience more harmony, energy and creativity?
Transcendental Meditation might be the solution for you.

Transcendental Meditation (TM) is a simple, natural and effortless meditation technique. It is the most widely practiced, best researched, and most effective meditation method. I have instructed almost 600 people in this technique since 2012. Previously I had practised and taught other meditations for about 25 years.

How does TM work?

You need to sit comfortably 15-20 minutes and in silence use a mantra. By using very simple instructions from TM technique you will reach deep relaxation and you will have experiences of transcending – a different state of consciousness. This will bring you increased energy, better health, improved mental and emotional balance and strength, decreased stress, clearer thinking, and more harmonious behavior.

Why does it work so efficiently?

TM brings your body into a deeply relaxed state, that is deeper than when you are in the deepest sleep – this has been confirmed by scientific research.
This deep relaxation makes it possible for your mind to settle down and get in touch with the source of all our creativity, wisdom, and understanding – the transcendental consciousness, the Self. It is this changed state of consciousness that brings the transformational experiences.


How do you learn TM?

A course in Transcendental Meditation consists of an Introductory Lecture and 4 meetings of about 1½ hours each plus optionally three follow-up meetings afterwards.

Contact me for dates for English Intro Lectures.

It is possible to make an appointment for the 4-day TM course (about 1½ hour daily) just after the Intro Lecture. There is also a possibility for private Introductory Lectures and Courses for large and small groups.

Please send an email or call me if you would like to attend an Introductory Lecture or 4-day course.

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